Portfolio & Transactions


Interritus’ first transaction, the acquisition of Kommunalkredit Austria AG, closed in Q3 2015 with Interritus Limited (UK) being the designated owning entity for investors. The bank specialises in infrastructure finance and provides supplementary value added services (such as consultancy) on infrastructure projects. Interritus Limited (UK) holds a c.55% stake in the bank with Dr. Bettscheider being the Chairman of the bank.

Interritus Group also assists the bank with certain transaction collaborations (including sourcing) as and when these arise.

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Interritus Group also periodically invests its own proprietary funds into certain other equity and financing transactions on a bilateral basis. During 2017-2018 one such prominent transaction was a short-term financing participation into a well-known European toll road. This transaction was successfully exited within 120 days as planned. In early 2019 the Group also purchased – and continues to hold – an equity stake in an Italian bank.